B&O Play Beoplay M3 review

B&O Play Beoplay M3

Before the end of last year, B&O Play reported the Beoplay M3, an expansion to its home remote speaker lineup that is progressively receptive in both size and value contrasted with the Beoplay M5. Actually, the $299.95 M3 is the most economical home speaker in B&O Play’s portfolio, and has all the earmarks of being explicitly focused to the individual taking a gander at a Sonos framework for their home. I was fascinated: could this be the hotly anticipated Sonos elective?

B&O Play Beoplay M3

My go-to suggestion for a remote home speaker over the recent years has been Sonos‘ magnificent Play:1, and later, its substitution, the new Sonos One. The Sonos items join an available cost with extraordinary sound quality, shake strong remote execution, and similarity with for all intents and purposes any gushing music administration you may utilize. They additionally give you passage into the Sonos stage, which effectively handles development over various rooms and bigger speakers. There have been different choices in this space, yet none have very had the capacity to coordinate Sonos as far as ease of use and quality.

The Beoplay M3 may be the most grounded contender yet. It has various beneficial things making it work, including simple setup, uproarious yield, and sharp structure. It’s likewise good with Apple AirPlay, Google Cast, and Bluetooth associations, so if there’s something you need to play through it, you presumably can. Yet, lamentably, nothing about the M3 legitimizes its critical cost premium over the Sonos, and in various imperative ways, the Sonos gives the better involvement.

B&O Play Beoplay M3

B&O Play items, regardless of whether they are speakers or earphones, will in general have great sound quality that is satisfying to nearly anybody that may hear them out. The M3 is no special case: it’s a boisterous little speaker that punches over its size class. Much like the also measured Sonos One, the M3 has one 0.75-inch tweeter and one 3.75-inch woofer, each determined by their very own 40-watt Class D enhancer. The M3 can without much of a stretch fill a live with sound, yet is little enough to stow away on a kitchen counter, in an edge of your lounge room, or even on your end table.


The other characterizing normal for B&O Play items is that you’re probably going to pay a value premium for their structure and feel. This is frequently something I feel merits making good for — the H9i earphones are a ravishing bit of pack that aren’t coordinated by lesser earphones. Be that as it may, the M3’s plan is excessively plain to warrant its premium, and on account of my dark audit unit, it’s absolute exhausting. An all-dark Sonos One has a smooth stealthy vibe that the M3 doesn’t pull off. Be that as it may, in case you’re searching for something dull to stow away in a bookshelf, it can work.

In contrast to, the M5, the M3 is a directional speaker, and doesn’t transmit sound every which way — it just focuses forward. Be that as it may, it’s not all that directional that moving around the room makes the sound drastically transform, you can fundamentally thud it on a rack and hear quality music from anyplace you sit.

B&O Play Beoplay M3

At medium volumes, the M3 has a warm, rich sound that gives a false representation of its completely computerized framework and may even persuade you that you’re tuning in to a more established simple sound framework. Obviously, the M3 doesn’t give chest-pounding bass (instead of the bigger Beoplay M5, which has no issue putting out a huge amount of bass), however it reproduces low-end sounds that you aren’t probably going to hear on a more affordable speaker.

At full volume, the M3 can nearly be awkward to tune in to, particularly in case you’re in a little room. It doesn’t twist or separate regardless of how hard you wrench it. It does, in any case, have a discernable murmur that is actually difficult to overlook once you hear it.


What’s more, at low volumes the sound can be overpowered by the bass. This makes the M3 not exactly perfect for digital broadcasts or other vocal-prevailing sound sources. Plainly the M3 plays out its best amidst its volume go, from around 30 percent up to 70 percent, yet numerous individuals may observe even that to be unreasonably boisterous for drawn out tuning in or when you simply need something on out of sight.

For correlation, the Sonos One, and its ancestor, the Play:1, don’t have these issues — they’re anything but difficult to tune in to at low volumes and when the handle is turned up to 11.

B&O Play Beoplay M3

The M3 is fundamentally a remote speaker, however you can connect a wired sound source to the 3.5mm information covered up on the speaker’s underside. For remotely controlling the speaker, you can utilize Apple AirPlay, Google Cast, or Bluetooth, enabling you to essentially play any sort of sound from your cell phone on the M3. The main thing lacking is Spotify Connect, which implies that it’s hard to utilize a Windows PC to send Spotify sound to the M3 without straightforwardly matching it over Bluetooth. (Spotify’s versatile applications bolster the Google Cast convention, so it works fine and dandy on an iOS or Android telephone or tablet.)

You can utilize the Beoplay portable application to set up the speaker on your Wi-Fi arrange and design it into a multiroom setup with other Beoplay speakers, yet it’s impractical to combine two M3 speakers in a stereo setup like you can do with Sonos speakers. Beoplay’s multiroom alternatives have all the earmarks of being very restricted, however as I just had one M3 to test, I was not able put them through hell.


The application additionally gives you a chance to arrange the speaker’s tuning dependent on its situation (unsupported, in a corner, or against a divider), yet I didn’t see a lot of a distinction between the settings. There is additionally Beoplay’s ToneTouch include, which shuns a customary equalizer control for a four-zone framework that gives you a chance to inclination the speaker towards “Warm,” “Energized,” “Loose,” or “Brilliant” sound profiles. The contrasts between the profiles are unpretentious, similar to the presets for Party, Podcast, Lounge, and Clear. I’d presume a great many people purchasing the M3 will never try to upset these settings and they will be no more regrettable off in the event that they don’t.

The enormous, clear thing that the M3 is missing is any kind of coordinated voice control. This isn’t a speaker you can request to play a particular tune, collection, craftsman, or playlist, nor would you be able to instruct it to raise or turn down the volume. I was additionally helpless to get a Google Home to play music through the M3, despite the fact that it is a Cast-empowered gadget. The majority of your communications are through your cell phone or a little volume rocker on the back of the speaker that has all the earmarks of being deliberately covered up away.

B&O Play Beoplay M3 alongside Sonos Play:1

That puts the M3 at a huge drawback contrasted with the Sonos One, which has worked in amplifiers and can hear voice directions for playing music, modifying volume, or getting to Amazon’s Alexa voice collaborator (with Google Assistant guaranteed to come sooner rather than later).

B&O Play Beoplay M3

Regardless of its satisfying sound signature, abundant volume, and appealing structure, it’s difficult to suggest the Beoplay M3 over the Sonos One, which costs $100 less and has better multiroom support (counting stereo blending alternatives), better sound quality regardless of what volume you play it at, and an implicit voice partner. That implies the M3 is much similar to other B&O Play items in another essential regard: you’re paying a weighty value premium for its structure. Which, for this situation, isn’t justified, despite any potential benefits.

Blast and OLUFSEN M3


  • Minimal plan
  • Boisterous yield without contortion
  • Good with AirPlay, Google Cast, Bluetooth, and wired sources


  • Doesn’t sound incredible at extraordinary high or low volumes
  • No voice control alternatives by any stretch of the imagination
  • Costly sticker price

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