LG Watch W7 Review

LG Watch W7

    LG Watch W7

Despite beginning with a wide range of structures and styles, Google’s smartwatch stage has now mixed around a steady look, regardless of the producer. Most Wear OS observes now look fundamentally the same as. The ordinary Wear OS configuration has a thick, round shape, three catches as an afterthought, standard drags for exchangeable ties, and the capacity to dependably have room schedule-wise showed. In the event that you’ve seen one Wear OS watch, you’ve essentially observed them all.

LG’s W7 is the same in these regards; it’s a stout, round watch with three catches as an afterthought and standard tradable lashes. It would appear that a modest rendition of a mechanical chronograph, despite the fact that at $449.99, it’s truly not shoddy by any stretch of the imagination. In any case, the W7 tries to catch everyone’s eye with one extraordinary element: notwithstanding the standard round touchscreen found on each Wear OS watch, the W7 has genuine simple hands to show the time and different capacities.

LG Watch W7


The intrigue of this sort of configuration is twofold: the screen doesn’t need to dependably be on to show the time, and the watch has an increasingly customary appearance on the wrist. It’s not possible for anyone to truly tell that you’re wearing an associated watch until you begin contacting the screen.

LG Watch W7

The W7 isn’t the first smartwatch to endeavor to mix simple timekeeping with a touchscreen, however it is the first to run Wear OS. Furthermore, as is frequently the issue with firsts, it has in excess of a couple of developing torments.



There are a few positives with the W7, yet none of them are sufficiently able to make it really attractive over other Wear OS watches. Since the simple hands discredit the requirement for a dependably in plain view, the W7 can without much of a stretch last an entire day between charges. They likewise make it simple to peruse the time in splendid daylight, which different smartwatches now and again battle to do. The charging puck utilizes a USB-C connector, so I can utilize indistinguishable link to charge it from my cell phone or PC when I’m voyaging. The tempered steel drags and fast discharge sticks on the included elastic tie make it simple to change to an alternate band. LG built up a lot of utilities, for example, a compass, clock, and stopwatch, that make imaginative utilization of the simple submits fun ways.

LG Watch W7

Timming and Battery Life Of LG W7 Watch

In any case, the W7’s battery life isn’t on a par with Samsung’s Gear Watch or any age of the Apple Watch, and it’s the same from numerous other Wear OS watches that depend on a dependably in plain view to tell the time. Like watches that utilization the Snapdragon 3100, the W7 has a “period just” mode that can be utilized when the battery gets exceptionally low, however in case you’re depending on that frequently, I need to inquire as to for what reason you’re wearing a smartwatch regardless.

LG is by all accounts mindful of the W7′s weaknesses, and it has sliced the cost by $200 for whatever is left of the year, despite the fact that the watch just begun dispatching before the end of last month. That value cut helps stomach the issues with the W7, yet with such a significant number of other Wear OS choices accessible for even less, it’s hard to perceive any reason why anybody would go for LG’s putting forth.

LG Watch W7

I like what LG is endeavoring to do with the W7. I very much want wearing a conventional looking watch over a gadgety smartwatch, and the W7 is maybe the most customary looking smartwatch I’ve at any point tried. Be that as it may, in case I will focus on living with a smartwatch on my wrist and manage charging it consistently, I need it to do everything I expect a smartwatch to do, and I would prefer not to endure the trade offs the W7’s structure powers

So as to deliver the W7, LG needed to make a few trade offs. The effectively little 1.2-inch LCD show has a gap punched straightforwardly amidst it to take into account the mechanical hands to be mounted. To prepare for the simple development inside the watch case, LG needed to discard GPS, a pulse screen, and NFC, which are altogether progressively basic smartwatch highlights. The three-year advancement cycle for the W7 constrained LG to utilize Qualcomm’s old Snapdragon 2100 processor rather than the new 3100 chip that began appearing in watches this fall. Furthermore, even with those penances, the W7 is as yet a major, stout watch that looks strange on littler wrists.


  • Watch-like appearance
  • Can undoubtedly peruse the time outside
  • Battery endures during a time without issue


  • Thick, stout structure
  • No GPS, NFC, or pulse observing
  • Simple hands cause interface confinements and inconveniences


Further modifications and penances must be made to the watch’s product. LG structured a bunch of watchfaces that work around the opening amidst the showcase, however since outsider watchfaces aren’t mindful of the W7’s simple hands, LG’s appearances are the main ones that function admirably on this watch. The application selector was upgraded from a vertical rundown to a round wheel of application symbols to improve utilization of the accessible showcase space. Maybe the most huge change is found in the best catch, which moves the simple hands to the 9 and 3 hour pointers briefly when you press and hold it so as to make perusing any content that may be hindered by them conceivable.

LG Watch W7

These things make Wear OS somewhat more irritating to use than expected. I can’t utilize my favored watchface with the W7 and must agree to LG’s plans. I can only with significant effort read approaching messages without utilizing my free hand to push and hold a catch in favor of the watch. I can’t pay for my morning espresso with the W7, similar to I can do with basically every other smartwatch you can purchase in 2018. Furthermore, I can’t utilize the W7 for wellness following other than the least complex of step checking.

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