Yincrow X6 survey: $10 cost, $100 execution

Yincrow X6 survey: $10 cost, $100 execution

when I expounded on TCL’s thrilling new $15 earbuds a month ago, I didn’t assume I’d sing the gestures of recognition of an item that is considerably less expensive so before long. Be that as it may, here I am, wondering about the sight and sound of another pair of Chinese headphones, this time from an organization I’d never recently known about called Yincrow. A companion pointed me toward the Yincrow X6, encouraging th   at I attempt their unbelievable execution at a sub-$10 cost.

Yincrow X6 survey: $10 cost, $100 execution

It will be hard for me to expound on these without influencing it to appear to be a promotion, yet genuinely, the £6.91 ($9.03) that I paid for a couple of the X6s would be a sensible cost only for their delivery from China to the UK. I can’t profess to comprehend the financial matters of maintaining a gainful business at such evaluating. One insight may be that the X6 configuration gives off an impression of being indistinguishable to that of the observed Venture Electronics Monk buds that are marked down at Massdrop for, um, $4.99. Somebody, some place along the creation chain, burned through cash on innovative work for these headphones, yet I have my questions that it’s the organizations selling the last items at such mind boggling costs.


  • The bass knocks, the mids sing, the highs are well mannered
  • Light and agreeable
  • You can purchase a couple for every day of the week, you’d at present be coming up short on


  • Wire needs strain alleviation at the earbuds
  • No in-line receiver
  • Commotion segregation isn’t incredible

Sound of  YINCROW x6 Survey

Be that as it may, enough discussion about the provenance of shabby devices. We should discuss why the Yincrow X6 are noteworthy. As a matter of first importance, their sound gives a false representation of any partiality you may have about their structure (which appears to have come straight out of the ’90s, packed with a delicate froth spread that you pull over their plastic packaging). The bass that leaves these headphones is full, ground-breaking, rigid, and lavishly fulfilling. Put on Lorn’s The Maze to Nowhere, and make an effort not to grin at the throbbing, thundering, and threatening rendering that the X6s give. Vocals aren’t overpowered by the articulated bass knock of these earbuds, either, as Halsey’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, The Knife’s Silent Shout, and Kaytranada’s 99.9% illustrate. The main things missing from the sound are the things I don’t need: contortion and a hot treble reaction. This is cordial, charming sound.

Yincrow X6 survey: $10 cost, $100 execution

My most loved spending headphones to date have been the Zero Audio Carbo Tenore, yet at their cost of $38 or thereabouts, they cost four fold the amount of as a couple of X6s. Despite everything I incline toward the Carbo Tenores for their progressively refined sound and better segregation of outer commotions, yet the X6s aren’t a long ways behind.

Yincrow X6 as a AirPod

The Yincrow X6s are worn in the exemplary earbud style of sitting simply outside your ear trench. They’re like a couple of Apple’s EarPods or AirPods in their light weight and undemanding fit — with the exception of they sound significantly better. As a devotee of the AirPods, I don’t state this softly. The X6s’ meatier bass reaction and hardly better stable disengagement make them all the more satisfying and more handy to tune in to than the AirPods.

There’s not a single mouthpiece in sight on the Yincrow X6, and the wire’s association with the earbuds has no strain alleviation to shield it from incidental pulls. Without wishing to empower reckless commercialization, I think the cost is low to the point that I’d purchase a new pair in the event that one of these breaks. What’s more, anybody completely needing an implicit mic should need to look at the previously mentioned Monk headphones, which incorporate overhauled link alternatives.

Yincrow X6 survey: $10 cost, $100 execution

Wired headphones have been developing additionally fascinating in the course of recent months with the rollout of the main moderate USB-C buds like the OnePlus UBS-C Bullets, yet clearly, even the old-school simple ones are fit for amazing and outperforming desires. Developing weight from remote contenders is probably going to drive costs of wired headphones down, however I question Yincrow has any further to go. What the organization has finished with the X6 is now an extraordinary exception on the cost to-execution bend. On the off chance that despite everything you have gadgets with an earphone jack or a dongle you don’t detest, you should claim a couple.

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