11-year-old boy dedicated an emotional message by scoring a goal for his recently deceased mother

It is about Luca Güerci, an 11-year-old Argentine who lost his mother a few days ago.

Losing a mother is always a very difficult time to cope with, so the achievements will always be attributed to those women who have given their lives for and for us. And despite the time, there they will continue to be present in each of the stages even if they have died.

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Although it is complex not to have that maternal support to celebrate whatever it is, one should always go ahead and show that one is capable with the support of them from heaven.

This is the case of Luca Güerci, an 11-year-old Argentine who lost his mother a few days ago. During a game, the boy enjoyed the football game with all his might, so he managed to score a goal.

When the game was over, He did not hesitate to take his shirt and put a message that came out of his heart “Thanks for everything mommy. Kisses to heaven. I love you!”

All the classmates ran to hug him, including his opponents, since, despite not having his mother there screaming with happiness, he gave everything on the field to continue doing what he loves, which is soccer.

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In front of this photo that has been viralized in networks, Internet users were moved by the fact and some of them told about their experience as a mother, while others They assured that without their mother they could not live.


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