14 Times Tom Hanks Was Cool, And 7 Times He Wasn’t

Let’s just say I really appreciate his good side.


ALSO COOL: When he stopped to help a poor soul change a flat tire in a miserable snowstorm:

My one Tom Hanks story. Was out West skiing. Ended up on road connecting 2 areas. Snowing like hell. Had flat tire. Get out, start doing usual. SUV pulls over, guy gets out. Damn near white out now. Both of us freezing. We get it done. At end introduce ourselves. Tom Hanks.

@stuartpstevens / Via Twitter: @stuartpstevens


UNCOOL: The time he did this. Utterly despicable:

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…and even handwrote, “PS. You got a friend in ME!”


ALSO COOL: When he gave tourists on a tour of celebrity homes the thrill of a lifetime:

@Coastal_Eddy / Via Twitter: @Coastal__Eddy


UNCOOL: This brazen misbehavior. Rather shocking, really:

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ALSO COOL: When he walked by an independent bookstore having a fundraiser and dropped everything to help them bring people into the store:

@whittlz He is absolutely a good human. A few years ago when our local book store was doing a fundraiser to try to keep the doors open, he passed by and ended up staying for quite some time signing autographs and trying to get people to come in.

@SusieMolloy / Via Twitter: @SusieMolloy


UNCOOL: This horrific image that speaks for itself:

Sirichoke / Getty Images / iStockphoto

…and even included a letter written as if from an old friend:


ALSO COOL: When he exited a typewriter store, saw some Girl Scouts selling cookies, and bought a bunch:

Come for the typewriters, stay for the cookies: @tomhanks makes the most of Los Altos! http://t.co/cvMJN3rVvY

@latc / Via Twitter: @latc

(SIDENOTE: This is actually the town I grew up in, and this typewriter store has been there for like 30 years. Every time I go home and see it’s still somehow in business, my family and I wonder who is buying all these typewriters, and joke that it must be Tom Hanks. Well, looks like he’s shopped there at least once, lol.)


UNCOOL: When he somehow thought this was acceptable. Tom, it’s not:

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ALSO COOL: When he expressed profound gratitude for the hard work firefighters were doing:

@stuartpstevens 2/2 travel coffee mug in hand. I bet I don’t have to tell you who it was. (Tom Hanks)
He took the time to profusely shake everyone’s hand and chat with all these firefighters even though I’m sure he’d hoped he wouldn’t run into anyone up there.

@elnaalbano / Via Twitter: @elnaalbano


UNCOOL: This enraging encounter when Tom — egged on by his equally poorly behaved friends Dolly Parton and Keanu Reeves — thought it was okay to act like this:

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COOL: When he was the nicest customer this person ever had the pleasure to serve:

@stuartpstevens My one Tom Hanks story. Worked at the Sherman Oaks Galleria mall in the early 80s. Busy day at the jewlery store where I worked. In strolls Tom Hanks. Bought a necklace for his then girlfriend, Rita (recalling pearls). One of the nicest customers I had the pleasure to serve.

@ CaliGali21 / Via Twitter: @ttapreed


ALSO COOL: When he put this nervous fan at ease in the nicest way possible:

@stuartpstevens My one Tom Hanks story. I was on the set of “A League of Their Own”. Tom was talking with one of my friends and I was just sitting there trying not to be weird while waiting for her. Being the nicest human ever, Tom makes introductions and includes me in the conversation. 😍

@TheAmyMaxey / Via Twitter: @TheAmyMaxey


UNCOOL: This act of such depravity that I’m not allowed to present it without a warning:

Sirichoke / Getty Images / iStockphoto


COOL: When Tom responded to a woman’s offer to send him her deceased father’s typewriter by writing this beautiful, empathetic letter:

@whittlz I was shocked to receive this personal reply from Tom when I offered him my deceased father’s typewriter for Tom’s typewriter collection. My dad had “smuggled” it out of Germany when he immigrated to the US as a WWII refugee. I will treasure Tom’s letter forever.

@zwackmom / Via Twitter: @zwackmom


ALSO COOL: When he took the time to get to know a stand-in on one of his films and even penned a personal letter to her brother who was serving in the military:

@whittlz @BittrScrptReadr Did a month of stand in work on a film he was making. The man sat next to me, asked me about my life… it was a war movie and my brother was serving at the time. He got out a pen and sent him something. Nicest man.

@audreyalison / Via Twitter: @audreyalison


AND UNCOOL: When a clearly inebriated Tom berated this woman until she burst into tears:


Nicest person in Hollywood, my ass.

Thanks for being you, Tom!

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