25 artworks by Wissam Mamdouh in the Arab Cultural Club | Gulf newspaper

Yesterday evening, at the Arab Cultural Club in Sharjah, the first personal exhibition of the artist, Dr. Wissam Mamdouh, was opened, in the presence of Dr. Omar Abdel Aziz, the club’s chairman, and Ibrahim Saeed Butti, the club’s director. The exhibition included about 25 artworks, between the art of drawing and the art of photography. A special focus and diligence in the art of photography in particular.

Speaking about her artistic experience, Dr. Wissam Mamdouh: “I loved photography and practiced it since my childhood, and with time I noticed my talent in it, so I sought to develop it by reading extensively and engaging in workshops, and studied the types of cameras and their characteristics, and thus I had accurate knowledge of the arts of photography, methods of choosing angles, adjusting lighting and colors, and so on.”

And she added, “I tend to photograph landscapes, and I feel comfortable with them, and in my photographic choices I rely on my feelings, so I wander around the place until I find the right angle and then start taking pictures.”

Dr. spoke. Wissam for computer image processing and keenness to adjust color and lighting.

And about mixing colors, she said that she works on the art of acrylic, and turned to it out of her love for photography, and the experience she gained in adjusting the colors of the image, and the types of colors, so she began experimenting with it in the field of mixing acrylic tools.

Commenting on the exhibition, Dr. Omar Abdel Aziz: “The artist, Dr. Wissam, was able to bridge the relationship between abstraction and anthropomorphism through her work on acrylic art. She presents works with qualitative unity and stylistic difference, and her works were characterized by tight construction, beautiful contrast, and good work on shadows as the true metaphor of existence, a matrix looking for The combination in the eye of the difference.

He added: “Wissam waits until she finds the appropriate image, and works on perspective in a professional manner, with artistic touches while processing images by computer, and her images have presented a beautiful diversity of scenes from the Emirates and outside the Emirates focusing on places, homes, mosques and streets, and her work can be summarized in symmetry, gradation and pluralism. and lighting.”

Artist Ahmed Hilouz said: The artist Wissam presented beautiful professional works in the field of photography. The mass and compositional distribution in the works was successful, and she excelled in creating harmony and color harmony, and presented impressive landscapes and scenes.


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