3-year-old girl carrying a baby was rescued while wandering through a neighborhood

What most impacted the community was the force used by the minor so that her little sister did not fall.

Surprised, this is how the inhabitants of a small colony in Mexico find themselves, after late at night they will find a small 3-year-old girl carrying her little sister in her arms, in what would be an apparent case of abandonment by his parents.

A neighbor in the Aguascalientes sector noticed the fact by looking to see if the parents of these girls appeared at any time, who they were evidently lost, wandering around the sector.

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Given this fact, the woman decided to go to the local authorities, who immediately attended the place to save the little ones. However, what shocked the most It was the strength that made the youngest of three years old, for not letting her little sister fall, where I was looking for a place to spend the night.

However, Magdalena, who was the woman who realized what had happened, said that the infants had been walking around the place from early hours. And lAfter noticing, the woman convinced the girls to go home and stay while the Municipal Police were present to clarify the facts.

However, once the state agents arrived at the woman’s house, they put the minors into a patrol car, where they traveled the street for several minutes. zone in search of responsible adults in charge of girls.

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While they were moving in the vehicle, the police officers stated that the older girl could hardly speak, and that she did not know where she lived.

Subsequently, the minors were referred to the Mexican Attorney General’s Office for the Defense of Minors, who immediately carried out medical check-ups, and his report was that the little ones are in good health, while trying to find the whereabouts of their parents.


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