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Cairo: «The Gulf»

* In the last two weeks of last December, and with the start of the winter season, Egyptian theaters received 5 films, “Baramouda Square” starring Amr Abdel Galil, Mostafa Khater, Hana Shiha, Rogina, Dina, Mohamed Gomaa, Mohamed El Amrousy, Noha Raafat and the new face Youssef El Fangary, “Ritsa” starring Ahmed El-Fishawy and Mahmoud Hamida, “Bebra El Manhaj” starring Majid El-Kadwany, Ruby and the child Omar Sharif, “Abu Saddam” starring Mohamed Mamdouh and Ahmed Dash, and “The Priest” starring Dora, Iyad Nassar, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Hanan Suleiman and Fatima Kamal. The work is directed by Othman Abu Laban and written by Muhammad Nayer.

* The star Tamer Hosni started preparing for his new movie, which will start filming next February 2, which he wrote his story and is still searching for a name that fits with the work events that take place in a framework of comedy and action between the governorates of Cairo and Alexandria, and here Zahid embodies the female lead role in front of him, and with them the artist Hamdi Al-Mirghani, and the selection of the director and the rest of the team is underway.

* After a 3-week hiatus, the artist Mohamed Imam returned to resume filming his scenes in the movie “Uncle”, where he began filming one of the movie’s chases, leaving only 7 filming days, and the work enters the final stages of montage and mixing in preparation for its presentation in theaters during the upcoming Eid al-Fitr season. Their Uncle is written by Wissam Sabry and directed by Hussein El Miniawy.

* After an absence of 5 years, the artist, Fadia Abdel Ghani, returns to television drama, since she participated in the championship of the series “Al-Halal”, which was shown in 2017, and Fadia is participating in the series “Faten Amal Harbi” by the star Nelly Karim, which is scheduled to be shown next Ramadan. During the events, Fadia played the role of Sherif Salama’s mother and Nelly Karim’s mother-in-law, and she entered into conflicts with her after her separation from her son in a social context.

* Since Rayhana, the artist has contracted to star in a new series entitled “Wolhan”, directed by Bilal Al-Arabi, and he is currently holding working sessions between him and the director of the series, to find out the details of the character presented by Munther in the work, which consists of 10 episodes, and its dramatic events revolve in a framework of suspense and terror. and stir up.

The series “Wulhan” starring Munther Rayhana, Muhammad Najati, Reem Ahmed, Muhammad Reda, Hamed Al-Sharrab, Iman Ragai, Khaled Mahrous, Basant Al-Nabrawi, directed by Bilal Al-Arabi, and scheduled to be shown on one of the digital platforms.

* Actress Yasmine Sabry chose scriptwriter Ayman Wattar to write her new movie “Gangs Occupation”, whose story she wrote herself, to play her first absolute starring in the cinema, where Wattar began writing a script and dialogue for the film, whose events revolve in a framework of comedy and adventures, at the same time. The production company will choose a director to work in preparation for the nomination of the artists participating in the tournament during the coming period, before filming begins on February 15th.


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