5 home remedies to delay facial aging

The skin of the face, like that of the rest of the body, undergoes modifications over time that are normal, although it makes them uncomfortable for many people. For this reason, below we give you a list of five home remedies to reduce aging at least a little.

Hydration helps fill in fine lines and maintain a good tone. To achieve this, you can place the aloe vera gel on previously cleansed skin, in the morning and at night. You do not need to rinse afterwards, since this product is natural and will not generate consequences.

One of the most important points of care is related to cleanliness. For this you will need a neutral tonic or soap and carefully you will perform daily and night routines that will help you keep the PH balanced. The important thing here is to be constant.

Eating foods that contain this mineral is essential to attenuate aging, since thanks to its properties it protects cells from oxidative damage. Some effective options are: red meat, chicken, turkey, oatmeal and liver, among others.

This food helps reduce the natural function of cells at the time of aging. It contains vitamin C that cares for the skin and vitamins A and E that prevent dehydration and blemishes. You can eat this fruit directly or include it in your favorite recipes.

These two ingredients will help you exfoliate your skin naturally and also eliminate impurities. Squeeze half a lemon and strain its liquid, then mix it with a little sugar and gently massage it over the face. Do this at least twice a week.


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