«50 for 50» .. an audio-visual dazzling journey at «Dubai Opera» | Gulf newspaper

Dubai Opera, in cooperation with the British artistic production company Sisters Grimm, will host an interactive multimedia exhibition entitled “50 vs 50”, during the period from November 29 to December 14, to celebrate the golden jubilee of the UAE and fifty years of achievements.
The exhibition includes sentimental music and fifty paintings that imitate landscapes in the Emirates by international composer and painter Ella Spira, who was nominated for a Grammy Award.
The exhibition “50 vs 50” presents an immersive audio-visual journey, as each painting is accompanied by unique musical rhythms composed by Spira, in collaboration with artist DB Gad and Emirati artists Shamma Hamdan and Don Abdullah. Their music was mixed with natural sounds from the Emirates of creatures that are unique to the region, such as the distinctive sounds of birds in Kalba and the sounds of Arabian horses on the sands of Saadiyat Beach and others.
Ella Spira said: “This unique exhibition culminates in the experiences and expertise of Sisters Crime in the UAE. I had the honor of being invited to paint my paintings in different locations in the Emirates over the past eighteen months, in addition to composing music inspired by the nature of the Emirates. My artwork aims to raise environmental awareness and stimulate the protection of nature, as this series of fifty paintings depicts an inspiring story of a nation whose society permeates union, cooperation, and civilizational and industrial prosperity.
“50 for 50” aspires to leave a mark and an artistic legacy that celebrates fifty years of the union, the rich history, natural beauty and unique achievements of the Emirates. With the aim of highlighting the multiple and new cultural aspects of the Emirates, the exhibition will launch an international tour, after its first show in Dubai, to travel to many cities, including London and New York.
“50 for 50” culminates in the release of the world premiere of “Daughters of the Wind” produced by “Sisters Grime”, which will showcase the 50 paintings displayed at the “Dubai Opera” alongside the performance of former Royal Ballet Dancer Petra de Milo Bateman, founding partner of the production company “Sisters Grime”. ».