75% of suicide cases in Bogotá occur in men

Since July 2020, the Ministry of Health has received more than 25,000 calls from events that have required mental health care.

The evaluation of the integral routes of attention in mental health developed by the District Oversight and the Secretary of Health of Bogotá and of figures from Legal Medicine, revealed that Only in 2020 there were 317 suicides, of which 75% were presented by men.

The district inspector, According to Guillermo Rivero, indicated that the greater suicide attempts occurred in the towns of Sumapaz, Candelaria, Santa Fe and Tunjuelito. “We have asked the Ministry of Health to focus on these localities to avoid unfortunate cases,” he said.

He also explained that although the Ministry of Health has not updated the technical guidelines for mental health care, the Ministry of Health has made great efforts on this issue, through strategies, attention lines and campaigns.

As he passed, the Secretary of Health, Alejandro Gómez, mentioned that “the pandemic with the confinements that it brought us and with the fear that citizens suffered with the risk of becoming ill or dying, aggravated the mental health situation”.

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“From July 2020 to date, the Bogotá Health Secretariat has received more than 25,000 events through line 123 that have required attention in mental health. Of that total, 16,000 demanded the dispatch of a vehicle to be at the scene of the events, “said the official.

Said “depression and anxiety are conditions that occur more in women than in men from the percentage point. Suicidal ideation occurs even more in women, but completed suicide is seen more in men. This is a situation that goes back a long time ”.

Regarding mental health in children and adolescents, the secretary indicated that “the best strategy to combat mental health problems in this population is to return to their educational environments and 100% of the presence, since they will be able to have spaces for socialization and an accompaniment of teachers and professionals ”.

For mental health situations, the District Oversight made some recommendations to the Ministry of Health:

* Design and implement a strategy to promote the articulation and interoperability of the different databases already existing in the field of mental health and care, by the different actors involved in the comprehensive routes of mental health care.

* Strengthen the strategy for capturing information on mental health in the District and adjust it so that it can provide accurate information at the local and UPZ level, on the situation of mental health events.

* Implement questions that contribute to the measurement of the level of stigma in the population regarding issues related to mental health ailments or diseases, with the aim of monitoring changes in perceptions on this issue as a result of collective interventions.

* Strengthen the complaints and claims mechanism, to be able to track to those complaints about the lack of attention in mental health and also to be able to carry out the monitoring.

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* Expand and strengthen exercises for technical assistance, surveillance and improvement of human talent, through continuous and replicable formations

*Include within the current guidelines additional prioritization variables suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Conpes 3992 of 2020, related to poverty, school dropout, security and negative feelings, variables that allow strengthening the multidimensional perspective of mental health

* Design and develop a dashboard with result indicators that allows to see the scope of the actions carried out in the execution of comprehensive health care routes, to show the effects that these have had in the territories, improve the design of interventions and define improvement actions.


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