A camel with everything: Fallabela looks for ‘pipol’ to work at the end of the year season

The offers are for adults with experience in cash management and floor consultants.

The Chilean store, Falabella, will open for the end of the year season more than 1,700 vacancies throughout Colombia to contribute to the economic reactivation.

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In addition, the company hopes that with this team of employees it can be carried out successfully the last day without VAT what will be done on December 3 of this year.

For its part, Rodrigo Fajardo, President of Falabella Colombia, He said that with this job offer “we not only want to respond to the demand of Colombians during the end of the year commercial season, but also contribute to the economic reactivation and job creation ”.

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Additionally, he said he has confidence in the Colombians work and what is dynamics will help generate employment in the country.

Those interested in this offer, They may request more information at [email protected]


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