A confined Chinese woman… in the middle of a date

You dine with a potential boyfriend, not very talkative, when the health authorities confine the neighborhood until further notice: this is the mishap that happened to a Chinese woman who shares her experience on social networks.

China is facing several outbreaks of Delta and Omicron variants — admittedly very limited, but which the authorities are fighting with drastic measures. The big city of Zhengzhou (center) is in the eye of the storm after reporting around 100 cases of Covid-19 since last week.

Certain areas of the city were thus confined on Wednesday January 5 … right when Miss Wang was having dinner with a boy during an appointment previously arranged by his mother.

“Right after I arrived in Zhengzhou, there was an outbreak of infection and his residential complex was placed in confinement. I could no longer leave his home,” she told Chinese media The Paper on Tuesday.

Miss Wang had come to town for a week-long stay to meet several boys.

“As I got older, my family wanted to introduce me to 10 potential boyfriends. The fifth wanted to show off his cooking skills, so he invited me to dinner at his house.”

Miss Wang posted videos on the internet to show her embarrassing daily life. We see the boy cooking meals for her, doing household chores or working on her computer while she is resting.

The flames of love, they are slow to manifest themselves, notes the sweetheart.

“Apart from being as dumb as a tree trunk, he’s not bad,” she told The Paper. “Even if his dishes are not very good, he is always motivated to cook, I think that’s good.”

She revealed neither her age, nor her full name, nor the identity of the dark handsome.

On the Chinese social network Weibo, the hashtag evoking the story has accumulated millions of views. But the heavy media attention prompted her to remove the videos from the internet.

“Friends called him and I think it impacted his life, so I’ve taken them down for now,” she said Tuesday.

“Thank you all for your attention (…) I hope the epidemic will end soon and that you single people will quickly find a boyfriend!


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