A dead man left a fight between two partners inside an illegal tavern in Kennedy

The fatal fight, in the middle of a ‘baby’, was presented on Wednesday night in the El Amparo neighborhood of the south west of Bogotá.

Two friends, associates of a tavern that worked as illegal way in the south west of the capital of the country, in the middle of a ‘bebeta’, they grabbed knife in the hours of the night of last Wednesday, November 17 of this year 2021, leaving as a result a dead and a retained.

Major Luis Acosta, commander of the police station in the Kennedy town, indicated in the La Cariñosa station 610 AM that the deadly “ballot” appeared at around 11:00 pm in a building that had been converted into a bar, in the El Amparo neighborhood.

Special hounds investigate what led the ‘peliones’, Colombians to grab that way.

The injured, whose identity was not given and who presents background criminal charges for domestic violence, after falling on the tiles of the residence and being in the middle of an impressive pool of blood, he was helped and rushed to the facilities of the Kennedy Hospital where it came practically lifeless, a product of the hemorrhage that caused the fatal stab near the shoulder.


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