A mechanic who was not served by the ‘cat’ died: The car he was fixing fell on him

Although they wanted to lift him onto a crane slab, the man died due to the severity of the injury.

The case was registered a few hours ago in a parking lot where apparently mechanical work is also carried out, located 100 meters from the main road that connects to the Sports Park with the Perales airport in the Tolima capital.

Information provided to the news of La Cariñosa 1,420 AM states that the victim apparently was in the process of repairing a vehicle, so he installed a hydraulic jack, but this apparently destabilized and caused a dead weight to fall on his humanity, generating the tragedy.

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It was established that in this way the service of an ambulance was requested immediately, but apparently the vehicle took a long time to arrive, in such a way that some people who were in the place decided to raise this citizen to the slab of a crane to transfer himor to a health center in the capital of Tolima.


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