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Did Marcel de Champe open the door to a rebellion against the rigidity of workmanship and to favor the air of the idea? History does not say everything, but bright spots can guide us to our destination, and they are ambiguous to us, because art in itself is an adventure that has no limits.”

With this phrase, Farouk Youssef – in his book “On the Road to Contemporary Arts” – summarized his important research on the path he took in search of those different concepts and experiences through which the concepts of modernity and beyond have fragmented.

Did de Champe, the immigrant from France to America, want to convince the world that he is able to reformulate aesthetic and creative concepts, or is it the labyrinth that adopted artistic, literary and philosophical expertise in art?

In this labyrinth, painting became another concept, and postmodern philosophy also did not stop at these concepts, so the writer conveyed to us the experiences of a group of artists, whose works presented new concepts, all of which produced something other than painting and other than sculpture, so that the recipient bears the burden of inventing the void that helps the Extract shapes.

From here, the experiences of these artists pushed a new concept of an artistic movement that flourished in the sixties, and came out of the coat of abstraction and was characterized by the presentation of creations with the fewest elements, the deletion of many details, and the reduction of colors. fleeting moment.


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