A new day is coming without VAT and Gran San Victorino will not require a vaccination card

The merchants of Gran San Victorino prepare for the second day without VAT.

One of the busiest places to shop is undoubtedly Gran San Victorino located in the center of Bogotá, place that is preparing to open the second day of the day without VAT next Friday, November 19, there It will not be necessary to present the vaccination card against covid-19.

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“For San Victorino no vaccination card is required to come do your shopping; however from the formal sector we have arranged of all the security and biosafety measures so that the thousands of visitors to the popular market make their purchases with total peace of mind ”, said Diana Marcela Álvarez, spokeswoman for the Gran San Victorino.

Security cameras, command of the sector Police quadrant together with the security guards and the merchants themselves have everything organized to provide peace of mind to those who are going to buy, taking into account that many residents of the capital are paid the end of the year premium in advance.

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“For the next day without VAT, there are many workers to whom they pay the premium, we have had a special protocol with the local authorities, Police, security fronts, private security companies; where we have 24/7 surveillance so that from now on they start buying the Christmas pint “, highlighted Álvarez.

For their part, several merchants of formal premises said they were happy since the days without VAT favors purchases and the advance of the end of the year premium accelerates the purchases of Bogotanos.

“I sell my shoes and clothes here; I am going to apply the day without VAT because I need to take out a lot of merchandise that was dammed in the middle of the pandemic and the confinement, I almost closed and on the contrary I already hired 3 saleswomen to help me this season, work is reactivated and in my house the refrigerator is now full, thank God ”, said Lizeth Mosquera, merchant from Gran San Victorino.


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