A retired man fell for having suffocated his mother with a rope

The 47-year-old retired lieutenant colonel would have entered his mother’s home on May 3 to commit the crime.

The Office of the Attorney General of the Nation It prosecuted Pablo Enrique Roa Duarte, a retired police lieutenant colonel, for his alleged responsibility in the death of his mother, Rosa Inés Duarte Enciso.

The processed was captured by members of the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI) Boyacá, in compliance with an arrest warrant for the crime of aggravated homicide.

Several testimonies served to point out the officer (r) as the main suspect in this incident, which occurred in the municipality of Duitama.

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The 47-year-old man reportedly entered his mother’s home on May 3 to suffocate her with a rope. The lifeless body of the woman was found by her relatives.

Through videos and other judicial police work, it was established that Roa Duarte was the only person who entered the victim’s house”, Indicated the director of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Boyacá, Sergio Castellanos Mantilla.

Once the possible responsibility of Roa in the death of the woman had been determined, the arrest warrant was issued and materialized in the municipality of Sabanagrande (Atlántico), where the man he would have moved with the apparent purpose of leaving the country to evade justice.

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So far it has not been established how long the captured person lived in the Atlantic. In the sector they saw him as someone kind, reserved and with whom there was not much interaction. The defendant was charged with aggravated homicide, a position that the officer (r) did not accept.

A guarantee control judge sheltered with an assurance measure in prison to Roa Duarte.


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