A street dweller touched the networks by celebrating the birthday of his ‘Firulais’

The man identified as ‘Choco’ also puts a hat on them and sings a birthday song for them.

Pets have become so central to the concept of family, that many people have chosen to have a dog, a cat, or any other domestic animal for company.

For this reason, the care that revolves around them has become so important that their loss or disappearance can be equal to or more painful than that of a human being; taking into account the fidelity and love they express to their carer, in the form of thanks.

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However, a tender video has gone viral in recent hours through social networks, in which he looks like a street dweller, despite all his efforts to get money, he manages to get a cake, and two hats, pTo put them on the accompanying dogs, on the occasion of celebrating their birthdays.

There, it is observed how moments later, he sings a birthday song to them, and proceeds from pieces of cake, to share with the dogs, who begin to eat it with great pleasure, and then the man also accompanies them with a small bite.

The fact that occurred in the city of Bucaramanga, has been described by many Internet users as a gesture of humility despite his condition, where the man identified as ‘Choco’, shows his great human quality towards his furry companions, having a nice touch with them.

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After the images were massively disseminated, a group of men undertook the task of searching for this individual, and they began to make an economic collection, in which they brought him a small market and also to be able to get him off the street, and provide him with decent help for a home, so that he can have a better quality of life with his pets whose names are not yet known, but who follow him everywhere, where he walks.


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