A woman was shot near Titán Plaza for an alleged case of hired assassins

Authorities have cordoned off the area to address the situation.

On the afternoon of this November 5, citizens alerted the surroundings of the Titan Plaza shopping center, at the height of Avenida Boyacá with Calle 80 in Bogotá, due to shots heard in the area.

According to complaints from citizens, it was an alleged case of a hit man, in which the assailant had triggered a firearm against one of the victims.

In the preliminary report delivered by the authorities, there is mention of a victim who was transferred to the Engativá hospital.

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For the moment, authorities keep the area cordoned off and seek to establish with total certainty what happened in this place, which is very crowded with Bogota

What is known for now is that the victim would be a woman who was approached by an armed man that was traveling aboard a motorcycle.

This case comes just one day after the country was stunned by the blood and fire assault that occurred in a warehouse where gold was stored in Medellín (Antioquia).

Once again then the debate was opened on behalf of the unsafety reigning in the main cities of the country, where Bogota It has become the city with the highest perception of insecurity, in addition to having the highest increase in the crime of homicide, as recently announced by the Secretary of Security.