A worker fell on a saw motorbike and cut off his foot

The employee is about to lose part of his lower limb, at the moment he made a cut in the town of Engativá.

A citizen is about to lose part in one of your lower extremities after he dropped one saw motor on on one foot, at the time that he was carrying out chopping work in the northwest of the capital of the country.

The terrible mishap was presented in the Engativá town in Bogota.

In the middle of the emergency, those who were close to the affected worker quickly made him a tourniquet and bandaged the deep cut to prevent him from bleeding to death and then contacted the Emergency Line 123.

Paramedics district health service They were present a few minutes later in an ambulance to help the cut off and transfer him to the facilities of the Engativá Hospital, where doctors on duty try to recover it.


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