After career kink and separation: Andrej Mangold speaks of new love

Girlfriend gone, career gone and publicly decried as a “bully”: Andrej Mangold has had a difficult time, personally and professionally. After the scandal surrounding the RTL summer house 2020, however, he now wants to venture a fresh start. The ex-bachelor could also get involved in a new relationship.

Andrej Mangold sought help from a psychologist

The public scolding for his appearance on the trash show and the subsequent separation from Jennifer Lange seems to have taken Andrej Mangold very much. The news that the ex is now with a former buddy of his shouldn’t have been particularly helpful. After all the headlines about himself, he sought professional help.

“After my breakdown and the difficult time, I took advice from a psychologist,” reveals Mangold in an interview with “image“.” Everyone who has problems or doesn’t know what to do next should do this, because it helps. In any case, it helped me. “

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Andrej Mangold wants to start again professionally

The former Bachelor seems to have had enough of trash TV. Although he was seen in “Kampf der Realitystars” in 2021, he now wants to pursue a career in a more serious area: as an actor, model and presenter. “I’ll have my first moderation job next year at a well-known event in Germany, where there will also be a lot of celebrities,” he says. “In addition, in December I was invited by an international brand to a major modeling campaign in New York, where I have several shoots.”

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New love with Andrej Mangold? He’s just getting to know someone

He could soon leave his separation from Jennifer Lange behind, because a very special woman is waiting for Andrej Mangold in New York. “When it comes to love, I’m actually about to get to know someone,” he admits to “Bild”. However, he has not yet met the woman personally. The first date is due to take place in New York soon. “For us it will be our first date, and who knows, maybe it really is the ONE. I’m full of anticipation.”

The new flame should be an international model. Andrej Mangold keeps to himself for the time being who exactly the lady is, whether she is prominent and what her name is.

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