After Heimlich wedding: Matthias Reim becomes a father – at 64

On Saturday (October 23rd) the hit was celebrated again in a big live show: Florian Silbereisen (40) received numerous star guests for the “Schlagerbooom”. Christin Stark (32) and Matthias Reim (who will be 64 in a few days) had some special news to bring the Schlager fans: Stark performed “Baby Come and Rock My Heart” in a tight-fitting dress in white – a baby bump was clearly visible. “It’s so beautiful. She is the greatest stepmother. And now we have made this wish come true,” Matthias Reim confirmed after the performance in an interview with Silbereisen. “It’s not just child number seven, it’s a real wish of the heart” explained the singer, who already has six children with five different women.

The couple brought a second message with them: In April 2020, they got married in the middle of the Corona lockdown and in private. “After eight years together, it should be forever,” said Reim. “What’s going on, nobody has noticed until now?”, Said Silbereisen enthusiastically. Next year he wants to go on a big Schlagerfest tour with the couple. Reim assures that the pregnancy will not change that. “It’s gonna be a rock and roll baby”.

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Star-studded guest list

Florian Silbereisen celebrated the live reunion with the fans with numerous stars from the industry. DJ Ötzi (50) and Ross Antony (47) performed. The latter is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary in music. The boy band Team 5 Five with Marc Terenzi (43) and Jay Khan (39) danced across the stage in chic suits. The Mallorca stars Mickie Krause (51) and Jürgen Drews (76) performed together. “It doesn’t really start until you are 80”, assured Dieter Hallervorden (86) Florian Silbereisen and then sang on stage. Hape Kerkeling (56) is making music again and presented his songs “Ich leb den Traum” and “Der Weg nach Haus” on the show. “I just felt like singing again,” he said, explaining his musical comeback to the hosts.

Bonnie Tyler (70) brought international flair to the show with a performance. German hit legends such as Roland Kaiser (69) or Howard Carpendale (75), who performed his classics “Hello Again” and “Ti Amo”, also did the honors. Silbereisen himself was allowed to perform with Thomas Anders (58), Otto Waalkes (73) or Bülent Ceylan (45). A special surprise awaited Michelle (49): She received three gold awards for her album “Tabu”, for “The ultimate best of” and for the album “I would do it again”. Andreas Gabalier (36) received the Diamond Award for his mega hit “Hulapalu”.

Since 2016, the “Schlagerbooom” has always taken place in Dortmund in autumn. Due to the corona pandemic, the show was canceled in 2020. As in previous years, the motto of the festival in 2021 was “Everything sparkles! Everything glitters!”. In Dortmund’s Westfalenhalle, the audience was again allowed. The 2G rule applied to the audience: only those who were fully vaccinated or fully recovered had access and were allowed to sing and dance without a mask.