After Mauricio Leal’s death, several famous women dusted memories with the stylist

Mauricio Leal and his mother were found dead in their home, located in La Calera.

On the morning of Tuesday, November 23, the national media were inundated with news related to the death of the renowned stylist Mauricio Leal, who stood out for his work with some Colombian television stars. The 47-year-old rose to fame for his beauty talent and service.

The stylist, who gained renown for his distinguished clientele, in addition to the projects he led with his store located in the north of Bogotá, He was found dead next to the body of his mother, Marleny Hernández. A sharp weapon was found at the scene, which was the subject of an investigation by the authorities.

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Before the official news of the death, several famous Colombians took advantage of their social networks to send messages of sadness for the loss of the stylist. Many of the celebrities became her friends, so they opened up about it and expressed their pain at what happened.

Carolina Cruz he dusted off an old memory in the company of Leal, calling him a “genius boy” because of his affection for him. The celebrity expressed the sadness he felt, since The Colombian had a lot to live for, to do and more for his upcoming birthday.

I find it a lie not to see you again, with that smile and unique joy. You leave an immense void, you leave an indelible mark, fly and continue to fill us with your light, ”he wrote.

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