After the death of Octavio Ocaña, they reveal that “Benito Rivers” will continue in “Neighbors”

There is no doubt that the death of Octavio Ocaña left an irreplaceable void in the entertainment world and in the hearts of the Televisa public, where they had a special affection for the interpreter of the character of “Benito Rivers” in the series “Neighbors”.

That is why the producers faced a great dilemma about how to carry out the series in the absence of Ocaña, especially when during the third season, when Octavio decided to take a break from acting, they tried to replace the character but had bad results.

On that occasion, they solved it by saying that the Rivers’ son had had to go to a school exchange, so his family had to take care of Patricia “Patito” Alcántara, a red-haired girl of the same age who was much more mischievous.

However, the “new daughter of the Rivers”, played by Carla Zuckerman, did not appear again in the following season, as the public did not become fond of her, so they sought the return of Octavio who “hooked” better with people and had better chemistry with the character of “Germán.”

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