Aida Victoria has “a capitalist partner” who gives her a luxury vacation, yacht and all

The content creator Aida Victoria Merlano is sticking some little vacation on a yacht, as he showed on his social networks.

The daughter of the escaped Colombian ex-senator Aida Merlano, is characterized by jokingly answering questions and comments from network users, however, this time it was herself the one who asked herself and he told how he does to have that kind of vacation.

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“You will say How can I give myself a luxury vacation? On a yacht, if I don’t have the money? My love, project yourself. You look for an investor, that is to say, a capitalist partner; that They are not like before, now they are fitness and everything “said the influencer.

Meanwhile he showed before the camera an older man in shorts, with tattoos and even muscular, who stands on the yacht and holds a beer.

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“When they tell you that earned sugar does not exist,” he added to his video.

Be a advice or a confession, Apparently Aida Victoria knows how to do business nowadays.

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