Aida Victoria puts together a plan with her friends to go to the gynecologist: “That smells good”

Aida Victoria shared the plan with her friends and what her experience with the Mirena contraceptive method was like.

Aida Victoria Merlano, a fairly active influencer on social networks, shared with her followers the plans with which her friends go out. She said that her friends proposed to her go to the gynecologist together.

“Your normal friends tell you let’s have a coffee, let’s have lunch, here my friends tell me come and if we put on the Mirena, let’s go to the gynecologist, pretend that’s it like an IUD stratum twenty thousand“, He said.

He also added a reminder for his followers, since the gynecologist should be visited at least once a year.

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With a bit of humor, the daughter of former senator Merlano, today a fugitive from justice, documented everything that happened for the insertion of the contraceptive method.

It was recorded while they performed the procedure and at first “everything was fine”, but at one point the pain began, so much so that he had to stop the recording.

“Oh juepucha there it is hurting,” he said.

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