Aida Victoria was not born to love … she says that “relationships are a shit # $%”

Recently, the content creator caused all kinds of reactions from her fans after doing a question and answer session in which she opened up about her love life. Merlano did not hesitate to answer several questions about his ex-partner and the desire to have another courtship.

As seen in the stories on his official Instagram account, Aida Victoria clarified if she would return with Lumar, after the love break they lived in 2021. The influencer explained that, although they gave themselves a chance months ago, things did not flow and they no longer have that option because of the damage they did to each other.

The Colombian assured that her sentimental relationship managed to last a long time because this man was like her best friend, her lover and her confidante, so she felt fullness in various aspects of her life. Love made them fight and try to preserve this union, but things did not turn out well, no matter how much they insisted.

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