Alert in the Santa Fe neighborhood for a complaint of exploitation of minors and micro-trafficking networks

Councilor Nelly Patricia Mosquera denounces that minors are offered for sexual services from 30,000 pesos.

Alarms are turned on in the Santa Fe neighborhood of Bogotá after a new complaint that evidences exploitation of minors and new modalities of micro-trafficking networks for the sale of narcotics in the area.

The complaint was presented by councilor Nelly Patricia Mosquera, an expert in childhood and adolescence, after investigations that showed what is the situation that occurs -mainly in the hours of the night- between streets 21 and 22 with races 16 and 17, Bogota center.

The videos published by the official show that on the street corners of the neighborhood, groups of 15 to 20 minors are sexually exploited, in addition to being used to sell drugs to potential ‘clients’. In turn, the evidence shows that the victims are offered by the exploitation network for prices from 30,000 pesos.

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“Girls who instead of being in a classroom educating themselves, are being sold from 30 thousand pesos to sexual predators and to those who, in addition and if that were not enough, they instrumentalize them to commercialize all kinds of narcotics,” said the rights defender of the children to the newspaper El Tiempo.

And it is that in addition to the complex situation with minors, the strategy of the micro-trafficking networks for the sale of drugs was also denounced. According to the pictures, Foods such as bread are used by the ‘jíbaros’ to camouflage the narcotics and thus, go unnoticed by the authorities.

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