Alicia Machado revealed that Joan Sebastian’s son gave her his death

The former Miss Universe spoke about the subject days before leaving ‘La Casa de los Famosos’.

Alicia machado became the new winner of the recent edition of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, which took place in Mexico and featured the participation of celebrities such as Pablo Montero, Gaby Spanic, Celia Lora and Manelyk González, from Acapulco Shore. This season was surrounded by discussions, love affairs and strategies, seeking to reach the final.

In the middle of the competition, the former Miss Universe gave something to talk about with uncontrolled moments at parties, kisses with her ex-partner, fights with other classmates and the constant dispute he had with Spanic. Her comments drew attention and led her to steal the attention of the show’s loyal fans.

However, days before the format ended and the substantial award was given to the Venezuelan, the public was stunned with a revelation that the celebrity made to his companions about, apparently, the son of Joan Sebastian. The actress and presenter was talking with the other celebrities when they touched on the subject of physical assaults and he did not hesitate to relate his experience when he was a victim of this.

Machado, who launched strong words against William Levy, assured, without giving exact names, that he was the victim of abuse by an ex-partner, giving clues that It could be José Manuel Figueroa, son of the famous singer, with whom he had a romantic relationship years ago.

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In this union everything turned out to be dense, to the point where she broke his guitar, so it was assumed she was talking about him.

Until he raised his hand and hit me. He slapped me, flew me ten feet further and went to kick me. It is the only time that a man has raised his hand to me, but he did not feel like it, “Tv Azteca reported on what the ex-queen related.

However, the Live Gossip program touched on the subject of the statements and stated that it all happened in 2006 during Alicia’s birthday. The media pointed out that José Manuel himself would have confirmed the versions, noting that it all began with an attack of jealousy that the Venezuelan felt when he imagined that his partner was talking to another woman.

The attacks reached a past level, so the representative of the model had to intercede and commit them to a pact so that they would not talk about it.

This situation, which was revived in the program, led the singer, according to Notiamérica, to respond to the statements through a trill, in which he invited to a coffee to ask himself what he wanted in this regard.

“@tanyacharry @official axe call me friend! I invite you to ask me what you want enjoying a cup of coffee, I send you a thousand kisses”Figueroa wrote.

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