Álvaro Uribe will continue to be a defendant: Constitutional Court denies guardianship

When making the decision, that court considered that the evidence advanced by the Supreme Court of Justice is valid.

The Plenary Hall of the Constitutional court denied the guardianship presented by the former president Alvaro Uribe and with the one I was looking for that The accused will be called in the process that is being carried out against him for alleged manipulation of witnesses.

That means that things continue as they are in that process and Uribe maintains his status as a defendant, Well, for the Court, it is possible to equate an investigation in the Supreme Court of Justice with an imputation of charges before an ordinary judge.

The effects of the decision lead to The Prosecutor’s Office must continue with the request for the preclusion of the process and / or advance a request for accusation before a judge of the Republic against former President Uribe.

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The debate arose after Uribe’s decision to resign his seat in Congress, thus losing his constitutional jurisdiction so that the investigation against him would be assumed by the Attorney General’s Office and not the Supreme Court of Justice. When making the decision, that court considered that the evidence advanced by the Supreme Court of Justice when the investigation was in its court, which means that the criminal process must be maintained and taken into account.

The tutelage presented by Uribe was rejected by the Superior Court of Bogotá, concluding that it was not possible to demonstrate the violation of their fundamental rights with the decision of the Fourth Court issued on November 6, which considered that former President Uribe was already charged within the process for manipulation and pressure on witnesses.

In this process Uribe is investigated for the alleged crimes of procedural fraud and bribery for allegedly having pressured his lawyers in order to offer economic benefits and perks to paramilitaries to point out Senator Iván Cepeda of being behind a montage against the former president and former senator.


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