American Visa: Get the costs that the document will have for 2022

Visas prices for visitors have been maintained for this year.

If traveling to the United States is among your plans, you will most likely have to complete the visa process, either to remove it for the first time, or to renew it.

The process to acquire this document can take a long time, so it is recommended that the procedure to acquire the visa be carried out from now, this taking into account that There are cases in which the scheduling of appointments is scheduled until 2023.

The delays in this appointment process are mainly due to the fact that some services are limited due to the covid-19 pandemic.. However, priority is being given to essential visa categories, such as student (F and M), exchange (J) and employment visas and visitor (B) for emergency or urgent travel, as announced the United States Embassy in Colombia.

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For the moment, the government has maintained the same rates as in 2021. It is recommended to take into account that, before starting the visa application process, be clear about what type you need, and if your stay will be non-migrant or immigrant. This information can be found on the official website of the Embassy.

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