ANDA and Distroller, together as Three Wise Men

The Three Kings Day feeds the imagination and illusion of all Mexican children.

One night before the big day, the children’s anxieties do not let them sleep as they want to see and play with what they Melchor, Gaspar, Baltazar have carried for them.

The National Association of Actors (ANDA) wanted to be part of this fantasy and gave toys to the children of its associates in collaboration with the brand of products “Distroller.”


This effort was carried out thanks to Amparín Serrano, owner and founder of the brand “Distroller”, who donated toys of his brand for all children.

This was made known by ANDA in its statement days prior to January 6 with the details of minors and characteristics of the distribution of toys.

From early on, under 12 years old they lined up to receive the gifts in the ANDA’s Social Welfare area.

Before receiving the donations, the children waited for the inauguration of the 2022 toy delivery and the ribbon cutting, in which the actors Sergio Mayer, Malillany Marín, Patricio Cabezut and Jorge Zarate were present.

The actors helped distribute the toys and photos were taken with the children, who were happy and impatient to start playing.

Some did not hold back and tore the packages in which the “Distroller” products came to shreds, others released their bicycles in the middle of the avenue, supervised by their parents and some who arrived late. they did not reach toy.

Sergio Mayer delivered the first toy and gave away tickets for “Recórcholis”.

“I feel very happy and satisfied. Whenever you do something that you know will generate a change and a smile is very important, and today is a special day for children,” said the actor.

The former federal deputy lived with the attendees, talked a bit with the families and took photos with those present.

Mayer not only made his Wise King appearance on ANDA, but also delivered roscas de Reyes together with his family in the Parque de la Bombilla to the workers who are in charge of the maintenance and cleaning of the public space in Mexico City.



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