Anniversary of Rudolph Moshammer’s death: Ex-driver lays flowers

Thomas Hilbert was the penultimate driver of the Munich fashion czar Rudolph Moshammer, from 1992 to 1994. And he was the last driver of his mother, Else Moshammer, who died after a trip to the Salzburg Festival in 1993.

Rudolph Moshammer was assassinated on January 14, 2005

“Her death broke him,” Hilbert said in an AZ interview in August. Hilbert always goes to Munich on January 14th, the anniversary of Moses’ death. He lays flowers at his mausoleum in the Ostfriedhof, as he did on Friday.

Moshammer’s driver: “Mosi suddenly changed”


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Rudolph Moshammer with his beloved dog Daisy

Memories of Rudolph Moshammer: What do Munich residents think about Mosi today?


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Ex-driver on Moses’ behavior: “I didn’t know him like that”

To this day, the murder of the fashion czar is a mystery to him. “I will never understand why he simply took a complete stranger, his murderer, home with him. I didn’t know him like that,” says Hilbert.

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