Another baby appeared lifeless in a house in the town of Engativá

The sad event that occurred in a house in the Bosques de Mariana neighborhood in northwestern Bogotá is being investigated.

Another baby was found dead in the last hours inside a house located in the northwest of the country’s capital.

The boy’s body was located in the Bosques de Mariana neighborhood in the Engativá town in Bogota.

The minor, just four months old, ceased to exist in the middle of an alleged home accident.

When the sad case became known, agents of the Bogotá Metropolitan Police (Mebog) and criminalistics units of the CTI Technical Investigation Corps of the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation They were present on their official motorcycles and in the mobile laboratory, to cordon off the area and advance the inspection and transfer of the small corpse, to the headquarters of the institute of Legal Medicine.