Another expense … School supplies prices are through the roof

Traders say that the prices of the notebooks have increased by up to 60%.

Merchants from different sectors of Bogotá assured that the prices of school supplies have risen considerably on behalf of cost overruns on imports and due to the shortage of some products.

Sellers of these items stated that “prices have really gone up a lot. The shortage is abundant because there is no raw material, there is no merchandise anywhere and the little that is found has very high prices at which people generally found ”.

As they explained, notebooks have had considerable increases since in previous years they were obtained from $ 1,200 or $ 1,300. For this year, the cheapest have a cost of 2.200 pesos.

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They also pointed out that some of the more scarce elements are paper, cardboard, kraft paper and pens.

Consumers complain about the price or because they can’t find what the school lists ask for. Other more expensive products are plastics and pens. In some brands there is no longer a supply of pens that stationery stores normally sell. The pens had a cost of 500 pesos and currently go up to 900 pesos“Added the merchants.

They indicated that, on average, school supplies for this year are up 25%. In addition, paper, notebooks, reams have increased by up to a 60% due to paper shortage in the national territory.

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Faced with high costs, some consumers stated that they have seen the rise in school supplies because this year they had to invest between 100,000 pesos and 150,000 pesos more of what they usually spent on those items.

Additionally, they said that the value of school uniforms, which in many cases must be a single reference and bought in a specific place have increased an average of 50%.

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