Another for the list: Bridge in the south of Bogotá that has a real death trap

More citizen complaints alert about the poor condition of the TransMilenio pedestrian bridges in Bogotá.

This Wednesday on social networks the complaint about the injuries of three women in the bridge of Carrera 30 with Calle 26, at the station TransMilenio CAD, after they fell through one of the gaps in the pedestrian bridge due to the absence of sheets along the way.

Given the alerts of the citizens, the Urban Development Institute (IDU) proceeded to repair some floor tiles that were stolen and that put the lives of pedestrians at risk. This time, from the entity they indicated that the material with which they replaced the damage pretends to be stronger to continue avoiding theft.

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Bridge of Carrera 30 with Calle 26 is in worse condition

However, new complaints have been made known about the poor condition of these pedestrian crossings. This time, the bridge of Carrera 30 with Calle Sexta has been described as one of the most dangerous in the city, because contrary to the case of the CAD station, this bridge has more than three missing lines of sheets, which makes it a real deadly trap for those who pass through there.

Images published on social networks demonstrate the maneuvers that citizens must do in order to cross the bridge, putting their lives at high risk as they have a high probability of falling over 5 meters into the void.

For now, the IDU has announced that the intervention is already being carried out in various parts of the city. According to the entity, this year a total of 85.31 m² of sheets stolen from pedestrian bridges in the transportation system have been repaired, with an investment of 115,162 million pesos.

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