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The Arab Theater Authority celebrated, through its platforms, the Arab Day of “Abu al-Funun”, which falls on the tenth of January every year. This day was chosen by Arab playwrights in 2008 on the occasion of the founding of the Arab Theater Authority.

It was not possible to attend the participants, the celebrated, the honored, and the author of the Arab Theater Day message, as well as the show (The Last Comedy), which was scheduled to be shown at the celebration. Over the course of forty years, he presented dozens of important theatrical works with great directors. He was also distinguished by his monodrama performances that he writes and directs for himself, in addition to his film and television participations. He was also distinguished by his syndicate activity in Lebanon and his active presence in many Arab events as president and member of arbitration committees. He also received many honors, His message was characterized by an explicit and clear touch to the Arab and human theatrical reality, and it stated: “We renew our bet on the theater, its role and its meaning, and we realize that theater in the whole world is experiencing a severe crisis, a crisis that multiplies in the case of Arab theater, because it comes within more general and comprehensive crises in politics and the economy. And the meeting, but in isolation from the reality of the Arab situation, the permanent question we ask: When was the Arab theater not in crisis?

In answer to this question, I allow myself to recall the recommendations that were issued more than forty years ago about the first theater festival in which I participated in Damascus, which emphasized the activation and development of Arab theatrical work in both form and content, stressing the necessity of searching for ways and methods to strengthen the organic relationship between theatrical work. And the audience. From that day until now, nothing has changed, the same crisis, the same discussions, the same recommendations and the same reality!”

In his turn, Ismail Abdullah, Secretary-General of the Arab Theater Authority, said in his speech, “We renew with you and with you the promise and covenant to realize the principles on which the Arab Theater Authority was founded, to work with you for a new and renewed Arab theater, and for our intellectual conferences and workshops to be an operator for questions and a laboratory for renewal, and for the documentation of theater to be a support We arrived, and that our competitions be transparent, the curriculum and arbitration, and that the Arab Theater Festival and the national festivals organized by the authority in many countries return with new creative visions, and that work continues on the development of the Arab school theater, this theater that constitutes a guarantee for the best future of the arts in general in the lives of our peoples, and that it continues Efforts to develop and promote the arts of puppetry and popular spectacle, and to keep the playbook, research and studies at the center of our interest.” He concluded by saying: “In this great country, we realize that there is no point in advancing each other when each other needs the priorities of work.”

And the final results of the competitions 2021 were announced. In the competition for writing text for children, version 14, whose committee was formed by: Jalil Khazal / Iraq, Radi Shehadeh / Palestine, / Haya Saleh from Jordan, the text (A Journey into the Galaxy of Imagination) by Khaled Sayed Abed won the third place. Al-Majid / Egypt

And in the second place was the text (Mountain of Balsam) by Ahmed Abdul Rahman Qashqara / Syria, and the first place was the text (the play) by Lias Jiyad Zuwaid Al Fahdawi / Iraq.

The results of the competition for writing texts directed to adults, version 14, whose committee was formed by: Bousselham Al-Daif / Morocco, Abdel-Razzaq Boukaba / Algeria, Hisham Kafarneh / Syria, as follows: The text (pending) won by Ghassan Ali Naddaf / Palestine, and in the second place he won A text (luxury condolences) by Ali Salah Al-Abadi / Iraq, and the text (virtual family) by Mahmoud Khalil Al-Sayed / Egypt won the first place.

He won the sixth edition of the Arab Scientific Theatrical Research Competition, whose committee was formed by: Dr. Osama Abu Talib / Egypt, d. Mohamed Bou Krass / Algeria, d. Hisham Zain Al-Din / Lebanon, each: Amr Ahmed Al-Azali / Egypt for his research (Semiotic reading in the manifestations of the place in the theater of Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi) and Al-Hussein Al-Rahawi / Morocco ranked second for his research (a new delineation of the chemistry of Arab theater after undermining the thesis The Western Concentration: Imagining the Rehearsal Space in the Light of Post-Transformations) As for the first place, it went to Ali Al-Alawi/Morocco for his research (Critical Reflections on Arab Theatrical Geography…Towards Deconstruction, The Epistemic Husband).

The Arab Theater honored the team of creators who contributed to the development of the theater strategy and curriculum in the Emirati school: (Sherifa from the Emirates, Faeq Al-Homaisi / Lebanon, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Majri / Tunisia, Salem Akwindi / Morocco, Dr. Jamila Al-Zaqai / Algeria, Nabil Mihoub / Tunisia Dr. Muhammad Abu Al-Khair / Egypt, Dr. Muhammad Al-Shara’ / Jordan, Amani Balaj / Tunisia, Mohsen Al-Adab / Tunisia, Heba Barakat / Egypt, Ghannam Ghannam, Director of Training and School Theater in the Authority.


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