Ari Borovoy returns with his 90s party to Telmex

Pop music is more alive than ever and to show the success that the “90’s Pop Tour” has meant for several years, produced by the singer and businessman, Ari Borovoy. This next November 27, the show arrives once again at the Auditorium Telmex and with several surprises under his arm, he reveals it Ari in an interview for EL INFORMADOR.

“I am very happy and excited to be at the Telmex Auditorium, because we are talking about a live and face-to-face concert where we are going to be able to play and dance. It is incredible to be able to be talking two years after this damn pandemic, of a face-to-face show where the JNS come, favorites and much loved here in Jalisco, like Kabah, Opposite Senses, Erik Rubín, Benny Ibarra, Lynda, Magneto and Ana Torroja, the mother of all the chickens of pop in Spanish ”.

The evening will be unforgettable because Ari anticipates that great songs from Mecano and Timbiriche will be heard, “this is a new version of the ’90’s Pop Tour’, because also talking about 90’s music without Opposite Senses made no sense and they are already here; Furthermore, Lynda was already 18 years old and disappeared from the stage. And surely with Benny and Erik there will be some really cool Timbiriche songs ”. Ari shares that there will be about 58 songs that will be heard during the “90’s Pop Tour” in Zapopan, plus a surprise artist, so he asks people to be very aware.

“Music brings life, in the 90’s many of us were happy and didn’t know it. So, going back to relive the 90’s is cool ”. Regarding the responsibility that causes him to bring the most important party in Mexico, he highlights that before the pandemic, the tour lasted three and a half years, developing 123 concerts, “beyond a responsibility, it is an illusion to be live again with the show in Guadalajara, they always treat us very well and that is why we are back ”.

Ari really wants to live the experience of the “90’s Pop Tour” now as a spectator, “but you never know, if one of them (of the cast artists) invites me to give me a blow, why not? I am going to bring a wardrobe and ask for a microphone in any case to see if it will happen, the truth is that it is not planned, but the pandemic was not planned either and look at what a mess it gave us, so never say never. “

As a producer, Ari also continues to work with Matute, Lupita D’Alessio, LemonGrass and “Mentiras”, “in fact we are doing casting, all the bases are on the social networks of ‘Mentiras’ and Bobo Producciones. We are very excited to bring entertainment back to the entire country. “

What about OV7?

Regarding the pending tour with OV7, he emphasizes that everyone, the public and those interested in general, including himself, wants to know what happens with the pop band. “I want to know too. The truth is that we have not agreed, we have had some virtual meetings where we have tried to reach agreements, but we cannot agree at this time. The only thing that we did is that no one was going to speak individually. So, as soon as we have a favorable or not so favorable response, then the seven of us will do it together to tell the fans, with whom I am very sorry that we as adults have not yet agreed, and hopefully this tour long awaited by people and by some of us too ”.

Finally about the project of the series that had been announced, he highlighted: “I did not sign for this series from the beginning, I know that it has been said yes and then no. But from the beginning I did not sign because the series is going to tell about my life as a kid and what I wanted was to see what they were going to say and then sign, and not sign and then see what was said and it seemed totally legal. The others … as they grabbed each one individually, they were signing as far as I know. But in this series as of today, I have no information as I am not a part ”, but he emphasizes:“ I am always open to listening to absolutely everything ”.

“Music brings life, in the 90s many of us were happy and we didn’t know it. So, returning to relive the 90s is cool.”

– Ari Borovoy, singer and businessman.



“90’s Pop Tour”. Saturday, November 27 at 9:00 p.m. at the Telmex Auditorium. Tickets from $ 500 to $ 2,600 pesos.



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