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The “Spirit of Dubai – Cultural Experiences” project, which aims to shed light on the essence and features of the rich Emirati culture in the Emirate of Dubai, and highlight the vocabulary of its authentic traditions; A number of creative talents from many nationalities reviewed their inspiring cultural experiences that tell stories and tales of their adventures in the Emirate of Dubai, and share them with residents and visitors alike, specifically visitors to the global event “Expo 2020 Dubai”, to enrich their experiences, and explore many cultural and heritage landmarks and areas Other attractions in the emirate.

Nada Badran recounted the experience of her cultural trips in the emirate, and the most prominent places that attracted her, and said: “Alserkal Avenue is one of the destinations that I explored. From the outside, it looks like a completely modest area, as it is located in an industrial area, but as soon as you enter through the gate, the transition takes place. To a completely different world.”

Badran reviewed a number of other places she visited, including the Madhouse studio on Al Quoz Street, which is a haven for ceramic enthusiasts, in which experts guide you through the steps you need to make and shape ceramics using clay. She also visited the “Infinity de Lumiere” in the Dubai Mall, which is the place that houses the most famous paintings in the world, through animation and kinetic, sound and rhythmic models, and includes three exhibitions, which are Van Gogh exhibition, Japan’s Land of Dreams exhibition, and the Universe exhibition, which takes you in Journey beyond the sky.

“This experience brought me a sense of life, by focusing on my surroundings rather than being distracted by technology,” Badran adds. “In some places, I felt like I was crossing a secret portal to another level of existence.”

For his part, Didi Brown recounted his experience in the emirate, and said: My trip and visit began in the Jumeirah Lakes Towers, then we moved to the Dubai International Financial Center, the Opera Gallery and the surrounding area, and we ended in the Zabeel area, I spent most of the day in the Dubai International Financial Center, where I enjoyed Art and architecture, but the last stop in Zabeel was also special, and I definitely recommend it to everyone, it was a traditional activity par excellence in the Emirate of Dubai.

Brown adds: “This was my first cultural experience in Dubai, but it really brought me a sense of home, and that I am part of Dubai’s wonderful culture and heritage. I felt like a real Dubai resident, and I believe that Dubai will continue to welcome visitors from all over the world, and provide them The possibility of integrating their different lifestyles in one place, while preserving the traditional Emirati culture.”

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