Astroworld: Guard aims security carelessness to avoid chaos –

Travis Scott

Authorities are still investigating what happened at the Travis Scott concert …

The tragedy at the Astroworld festival, with deaths and injuries during the Travis Scott concert, remains under investigation, and now one of the event’s security guards, identified as Darius Williams, gave details of the accident in an interview on the TMZ website.

Darius pointed out that he was hired days before the festival and never really knew what his role was in the security of the event.

He claimed that he received training on Thursday, November 4, although the instructions were not very clear, and his questions were not answered by the personnel who hired him.

Williams lamented the total carelessness of the security people to attend the accident, and assured that for such a large event, Astroworld had fewer people and equipment necessary to support the event and protect the attendees.

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