At the point of shrapnel and acid, members of ‘First Line’ would attack polochos

The commander of the Bogotá Metropolitan Police, General Eliecer Camacho, pointed out that these groups have become stronger.

The National Police assured that in the latest protests against the Government that were registered in the Portal of the Americas in Bogotá, members of the ‘front line’ apparently were using shrapnel and even plastic balls that contained acid, to attack and affect the public force.

The commander of the Bogotá Metropolitan Police, General Eliecer Camacho, stated that these groups have gotten stronger and they seek to attempt against the lives of those in uniform.

“We have evidenced the Acid release inside tennis courts and we have seen that in places where intervention has been necessary. We also have Molotov cocktails, that are constantly used by these people, “said the officer.

He added that “two members of the Police Esmad have been affected and the use of these elements is worrying, because when the metal part is detonated, they go looking for the members of the institution.”

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General Camacho indicated that during this week the control operations will be maintained, especially in the Suba, Americas and July 20 portals, to avoid damage to public infrastructure and mass transportation.

“We have had support from Esmad from other sectors of the country and we are between 60 to 70 reactions permanently from the mobile squad, accompanied by the available force to avoid that the effects of the city are going to be greater ”, he assured.

It should be noted that for next November 25, the date on which two years since the death of Dilan Cruz are commemorated, the workers’ centrals are calling for a new day of national mobilizations.

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Meanwhile, the so-called ‘first lines’ are calling for a demonstration on November 28, when another month has passed since the national strike, to protest against the Government.

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