Australian singer jokes about Novak Djokovic’s situation

For a few weeks the tennis star, Novak Djokovic has been at the heart of a huge controversy. The Serbian tennis player failed to enter Australia to compete in the Melbourne Open because he could not show proof of his COVID-19 vaccination. So he saw his entry visa canceled and found himself placed in a Melbourne detention center, which rather pissed off his family and fans. Threatened with deportation, he is finally suspended until Monday, the time that his legal action is examined.

Since this mishap, Internet users have had fun deflecting this controversy. Tom Cardy, an Australian musician posted a song which is ironic about the situation of Novak Djokovic. “Novak wants a medical exemption but you lied and now you are stuck in detention”, he sings. With his words, the Australian singer stirs the knife in the wound. Before taking off for Melbourne Novak Djokovic had announced that he would participate in the Australian Open after being granted a waiver, which the organizers confirmed. Except that there is no privilege in Australia. Being able to play a tennis tournament does not necessarily mean being able to enter Australia without meeting the entry requirements.

We would have believed you if you hadn’t spent the last two years saying: ‘I don’t like vaccine’ and ‘Novak doesn’t get vaccinated’“, continues Tom Cardy in his song asking the Serbian to stop behaving like a world number 2. If the Serbian has a rather funny image of sportsman outside the tennis courts, he still adopted a questionable behavior during the pandemic, by rubbing shoulders with very controversial personalities.

Meanwhile, the three-time Australian Open winner is still being held in Melbourne.

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