Author defends herself against accusation of Galilea Montijo regarding relationship with ‘El Barbas’ –

Galilea Montijo

The journalist Anabel Hernández assures that she ‘supports’ what she has written in her book …

While Galilea Montijo tearfully asks that the defamation against her cease, the writer of the new book ‘Emma and the other narco ladies’, Anabel Hernández assured in an interview with the newspaper Infobae that she ‘supports’ what she wrote in her book.

The Mexican journalist, who has been investigating drug trafficking for almost two decades, defended herself against criticism and stated that she is not defaming anyone.

“What I have said about her is in the book, it is no more, no less. It is what is in the book, I am not going to increase or remove a comma, ”said Hernández.

“I am responsible for what is written there, because what is written is not defamation. I don’t know what other people may or may not say or what other people have said or may say, that is not in my control, I cannot be held responsible for what others say, “he added.

In the book, Hoy’s host is pointed out for having had an alleged affair with Arturo Beltrán Leyva, ‘El Barbas’, but other celebrities have also been named in the investigation: Alicia Machado, Ninel Conde, Lucha Villa, Silvia Irabién and Issabela Camil.

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