Authorities were severely beaten at the airport by a grenade that turned out to be a perfume

Two young men were arrested for this fact, but later the misunderstanding was cleared up.

The unusual situations that sometimes happen at airports can be embarrassing, not only for passengers, but also for the people who handle the security schemes at the air terminals.

Although many of the occasions the alarms can be turned on for safety; a strange event, which occurred in the El Edén International Airport in the city of Armenia, has caused all kinds of ridicule on social networksYes, after a large security group was deployed through two young people who came from vacation.

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After searching the suitcases of these subjects, they found what was apparently a ‘grenade’. However, this it would bring these two people complications to enter the city, and at the same time problems with justice, for carrying weapons of war illegally.

However, the agents who were very cautious about what they found, realized that the ‘artifact’ of great ‘danger’, it was just a lotion that came in a bottle that was in effect shaped like granada, and it is red with black.

A Twitter user who identifies himself as @unamarcelita, told this funny story through his profile, accompanied by a photo in which he is shown as a person in charge of airport security, grabs the perfume with great caution and takes a picture of it, while accompanying it with the following description:

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“My children are coming back and at the Armenia airport they were told that they were carrying a grenade in the hold suitcase. The pomegranate is a lotion in the form of Granada ”, later the Internet users did not forgive this error and with comments such as “It is one thing not to work at the airport and another, to give them anti-explosives”, “It is the most logical thing, for the security personnel of an airport, suspect its content, what a shame this incident. For the mother of the children ”and“ I will buy it because I want to laugh at those scanners ”, they showed what this fun moment was like.

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