Awaken is produced by “Dubai Film” on “Apple TV” | Gulf newspaper

Dubai Film, a subsidiary of Shamal Holding Company, launched its latest AWAKEN movie on the Apple TV application in the UAE and the entire Middle East region.
The film, which was previously shown on the Apple TV application in Europe and the United States of America, explores the interrelationship between humans, technology and the world around us. The film was filmed entirely in 4K Ultra High Definition, over five years of continuous work, during which the film crew toured more than 30 countries.
The film, which was produced in Dubai, received wide international acclaim, and it was presented by the American actress and singer, Liv Tyler, who is best known for embodying the role of Arwen Ondomel in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.
Abdullah Bin Habtoor, Chief Commercial Officer at Shamal Holding, said: “Our mission is to lay the foundations for creating exceptional long-term value in the various areas in which we operate. Dubai Film perfectly embodies this commitment by presenting high-quality, creative artworks. The availability of the movie AWAKEN on the Apple TV application is compelling evidence of the long-term success of this strategy, as this pioneering work reflects the creative spirit of Dubai, its creative energy and inexhaustible vitality. We are very pleased to be able to contribute to the sponsorship of the film production sector in the UAE, and we will continue to strive to work towards strengthening Dubai’s vital role as an important center for the film industry in the region.”
One of the most important factors for the success of the film, in which exceptional cinematography plays a pivotal role, is its director, Tom Lowe, who is famous for his mastery of using the latest time-lapse imaging techniques, and was awarded the title of “Astronomical Photographer of the Year” by the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London. The young American director has also supported designs for the next generation of motion control robots, and is working on a new series of films.
Lowe said: “One of the most important goals we set in mind when making AWAKEN is to produce a film that can compete strongly on a visual level compared to the most famous films that topped the box office, but with filming everything using the camera only, and without any visual effects, technology or installation processes. Technical. The result we have reached is an exceptional film that attempts to explore our planet anew, celebrates existence, and plays the strings of cosmic music.”
Omar Obaid Issa, General Manager of B-Film, said: “The company is one of the largest film production companies in the Middle East, as we have achieved many successes since our launch in 2012, and won many awards in the fields of photography and production. In this context, AWAKEN is a wonderful work of art that invites contemplation and deep reflection and embodies the spirit of the natural world in all its forms.”

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