Ayad El-Tantawy .. The guard of “Al-Arabiya” in Moscow | Gulf newspaper

In the book “The Life of Sheikh Muhammad Ayyad Al-Tantawi,” Ignatius Krachkovsky records that Sheikh Tantawi took over the administration of the Institute of Oriental Languages ​​and made its programs take three years to teach Arabic language and literature. Then the University of Petersburg was established, and Tantawi held the chair of the Arabic language from 1847 to 1861.

Sheikh Ayad Al-Tantawi had traveled in the era of Muhammad Ali to Petersburg, in fulfillment of the desire of the Russian tsar at the time, in the presence of an Arab professor, who could occupy the position of professor of Arabic at the University of Petersburg, and thus the professor from Al-Azhar, Ibn Tanta, traveled to Russia, not to learn and benefit as his friend Tahtawi, but to know and benefit.

Al-Tantawi studied and graduated from Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, and practiced the teaching profession there for a few years, then his trip to Russia, to spend in its capital, Petersburg, at that time, nearly a quarter of a century, during which he mastered Russian and was able to reach the professorship in the teaching profession for the chair of the Arabic language at the University of Petersburg, where Hundreds of foreigners received knowledge from him, not only from the Russians, but from the Nordic people as well, and he remained in this state as a professor, and a reference for Islamic civilization until death overtook him. In the ambition of the nations of the East and West.


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