Baby was born with a long and strange tail … Goku is you

The strange tail measures more than 12 cm and was attached to one of his buttocks.

A strange case has scientists in Fortaleza on edge, Brazil, after a woman who was admitted to a clinic in the city to give birth to her baby, realized something amazing, which is under study to find the cause of this phenomenon.

The baby who was already 35 weeks gestation, was born with a long tail that measured 12 cm and that hung from one of her buttocks, accompanied by a large meatball.

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According to experts from Journal of Pediatric Surgery Case Report, in a scientific study they stated that this is a very strange congenital anomaly, which also would represent an embryonic trace, that must be analyzed to know exactly the origins of this strange event.

However, in order to perform a surgical intervention, the specialists had to analyze several tests, to determine that the tail will not affect any part of your body, and in this way to be able to extract it, it was in this way that they were able to show that it was not compromised with the nervous system, and not attached to whatever part of their vertebrae was.

After removing this anomaly, the experts deduced that it is a muscular and adipose tissue with neural connective tissue. But also with large vascular branches, discarding cartilage or bone tissue, which implies that it is a human tail.

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Fortunately, health personnel were able to determine that this did not affect the baby’s health. But if they will do detailed studies, both to their DNA from the parents, and in the monitoring of the mother’s diet, to find an exact opinion in a comprehensive way.

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