Baloto Revancha fell in Girardot and the winner took the ‘re lucas’

The winner bet the numbers 09-16-18-21-27 and 05, in a manual play.

Before the end of the first week of 2022, a Colombian started the year with the good fortune of having won a multi-million dollar prize. Its about accumulated of Revenge of Baloto, which fell in the municipality of Girardot (Cundinamarca).

The first winner of the year, and the number 108 in game history, he stayed with him accumulated of $ 18,700 million, a sum that would allow you to make several of the dreams you have in your life come true.

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The winner took the award for bet numbers 09- 16-18-21-27 and 05, in a manual move, at the Paga Todo point of sale of the Gelsa allied network, located in Ael Girardot (Cr 8 CR 8 # 27- 37).

It should be remembered that the one who, until yesterday, it was the most recent multi-million dollar award, fell less than three months ago in Apartadó (Antioquia).

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