Band ‘Los del Cinturón’ punish their victims with a strap, including grandmothers

The crooks, led by alias ‘Hebilla’ have their actions in the town of Suba in the northwest of Bogotá.

A brave grandmother The 73-year-old defended his son at the point of an umbrella in the last hours, from evil thieves, in a corner of the Suba town in the northwest of the capital of the country.

Doña Alejandra, who preferred not to give her surnames, said in the La Cariñosa station 610 AM that they left a lunch with their offspring and when stopping a taxi to go to a medical appointment, the driver told them that he was not taking them to that destination and lowered them, to leave them in the hands of evil rogues.

The doña related that several ‘choros’ treated her as ‘sapa’ and without taking into account her years in the calendar, they went over to her son, to steal all your belongings.

When she saw the ‘thrashing’ that they applied to the boy, ‘Misia’ Alejandra, without hesitation, threw herself at the bad guys to turn for her descendant, but she was thrown on a sidewalk and punished at the point of the belt.

The savage ‘choro’, apparently known by the alias of ‘buckle’ even hit the older adult in the face, leaving her in serious state of health.

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